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Dr Peter L Nelson

What are Seers?

A seer is someone who can straddle two perceptual worlds at once: that of ordinary, everyday reality and the intuitions, messages and visions that come to us through our second stream of attention as non-ordinary knowing. These awarenesses transcend the usual boundaries of person as well as the constraints of physical space and time.
In addition to his education as a psychophysiologist, social scientist and psychologist, Dr Nelson was initiated as a seer. As part of that process, he learned that seers have to use their total attention in a uniquely fluid manner that allows for a continuous, direct experience of two worlds at once. In his book, Dr Nelson reveals aspects of the multi-leveled, multi-perspectival reality that can be experienced by seers.

Book on Being a Seer

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The Way of a Seer is a book about Dr Nelson's adventure-filled journey as he made the traverse from skeptical scientist into a life as a seer. Eventually he moved from being a brain researcher to becoming an expert on the workings of human attention and awareness. Over the course of his transition into the world of seers, he discovered that it is possible to live as both skeptical scientist and seer.
Filled with stories of extraordinary events and episodes of seeing, and drawing on sources as varied as physics, neurophysiology, philosophy and consciousness studies, this book seeks to reveal the role of attention in non-ordinary perception as well as resolve the conflict between science and seeing in ways that do justice to both.

"A masterful work about human knowing and extraordinary experience that makes a profound statement about humanity's potential...This book is every bit as paradigm shaking as the works of William James or Carl Jung."Prof. Michael Naumes, PhD., Psychology, Southern Oregon University

“According to Dr Nelson, perhaps the most important aspect of ‘seeing’ is that it transforms our way of relating to people…It is vital to helping us rediscover the connectivity that we have lost in our modern, economically-developed cultures...‘Seeing’ is not merely an interesting aside to the human story…[Rather,] non-ordinary perception is central to rebalancing the greater story of our civilization and our species. Peter makes an invaluable, fascinating and very accessible contribution to human knowledge.”Marcus Anthony, PhD., Futurist

Radio Interview

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Listen to Paul O'Brien of Pathways Radio interview Dr Nelson about his book, The Way of a Seer


One commonly used method of seeing is called remote viewing. This involves the seer focusing his attention through map coordinates or an object that connects him to a time and place remote from his present position in space/time. The latter is called psychometry. The first two videos provide demonstrations of this form of remote viewing.
The third video is the Mind-Supermind lecture I delivered in Santa Barbara, California in October 2015 on seeing and emotional intelligence.